• WIN $250 VOUCHER

Auction date

Sunday 29th October 2017.

Pups on view from 10:30am, Auction starts at Midday

Where: Angle Park Greyhound Track, 55 Cardigan Street, Angle Park, (Just off South Rd)

Catalogue for 2017 available mid September





For pups whelped between 1st October, 2016 and 30th June, 2017
Minimum Price $500

Race Series for pups sold at the auction will be held May 2019 (Greyhounds 22 to 31 months old). Assume we have 60 or more lots.
  • 1st Prize $16,000
  • 2nd Prize $5,000
  • 3rd Prize 2,500
  • 4th to 8th Unplaced $500

  • Auction Vendor Bonus
  • 1st Prize $3,500
  • 2nd Prize $2,500
  • 3rd Prize $1,500

NOTE: Prizemoney may be revised if less lots are sold.

In addition there will be a prelude 388m heats and final during April 2019.
There will also be a 515m race series during June 2019, heats on Wednesday, final Thursday night.

Auction nomination fee $50 per pup (non refundable)
Auction commission of 11% of the sale price, will go towards prize money


Please Contact

Gavin Harris (AGRC) 0418 853 111
Alan Amezdroz (AGRC) 0438 179 586
Shaun Mathieson (GRSA) 08 8243 7100


On the day of the sale, several representatives from rearing establishments will be in attendance and they could be arranged to take your pup back to their property for rearing. A list of names and contacts will be provided on this page closer to the Auction date.

As a guide, most rearing establishments charge approximately $50-$70 per week per pup. So to rear a greyhound from 3 months of age to breaking-in age of around 15 months, will cost $2,600 to $3,600.


The breaking-in phase is where the pup is sent to a specialised trainer who teaches the dog to jump out of the starting boxes and chase a lure around the track. The breaking-in normally costs around $100 per week for 4 weeks.

You will need to budget a further $150 to transport the dog from the rearing establishment to the breaker (most are in Vic) and back.

After breaking-in, the dog is normally sent to a pre-trainer or you appoint the trainer and they will get the dog fit and trial the dog at the major tracks. This stage may cost around $90 per week until they are ready to race, which can be between age 18 months to around age 24 months.

The Greyhound will need to be vaccinated ($60) soon after 12 months of age or around age of breaking in and then you can choose a race name and get the trainer to lodge the paper work for the name to be approved ($45 to $55 depending on the state the pup was whelped in).

If the Trainer advises you that they do not think the greyhound will be fast enough to race or if the greyhound is not keen to chase a lure, then you may need to consider getting another trainer to try the dog, try sending it to a country region where it might be more competitive or plan for it to be entered into the Greyhound Adoption program. Greyhounds make great pets, ideally you may want to keep it at home yourself.


For contact details, please ring GRSA (08) 8243 7100

Trojon Lodge
Jane McNicholl
Adam Manton
Ossie Chegia
Leanne Fagan
Yvonne King
Lester Harris
Emerley Park


Once a greyhound is ready to race around 18 to 24 months of age (please read Rearing and Breaking-in first), a trainer will be appointed. GRSA and AGRC will try to help you by giving you the names, addresses and contact details. Closer to the date of the auction, this web page will show the names of trainers who are offering their services.

Greyhound Trainers have various models used for remuneration. It is important that the Trainer receives enough income to cover the cost of feeding, caring, training, trialling the dog, taking it to and from the trials and race tracks. Two typical examples are listed below:

  1. 50/50 - That is, the trainer will train the greyhound for no weekly charge but will receive 50% of the prize money. The owner will pay for any veterinary costs. If the greyhound is unable to race for a few weeks due to a minor injury or if the greyhound has not generated any income for quite a few weeks, it is customary for the Owners to offer the Trainer some form of payment to cover their expenses.

  2. Retainer plus smaller Prize percentage - The owner/syndicate pay the trainer, for example, $70 per week and the trainer receives a smaller prize percentage, for example, 20% of the prize money. The owner is responsible for any veterinary costs.

Unlike Horse Racing, there are rarely any race nomination fees. There are a series of SA Bred races where the pup can be paid up for a special race series with for example $25,000 first prize, this nomination fee is currently $121 per pup if the pup is eligible, the Auction Catalogue will highlight pups that are already paid up for the series or whether they are eligible for a final payment.


Macro Meats are proudly sponsoring Adelaide Greyhound Racing Clubs Inc. They have generously offered to provide 19 vouchers for $250 each, syndicates that register for the auction will be randomly drawn, the winners of these vouchers can then redeem them if they are the successful bidder at the Puppy Auction.

Thursday 5th October - 19 Vouchers to be drawn

Exclusion : Vendor of the greyhound puppy being sold can not use a voucher towards buying back the Pup